Huon Aquaculture Visit

March 9, 2016

Sealanes’ Food Service Sales Manager and Seafood Manager recently visited and toured the Huon Aquaculture operation in Tasmania. Sealanes proudly promotes and sells Huon Salmon to its Food Service, Shipping and Retail clients .

The visit started with a 2 hour drive from Hobart airport to Huon’s fish farms in Hideaway Bay south of Hobart. From Hideaway Bay and out along the southern waters of the Huon River are the various farm locations. Each of these locations provide the ideal conditions in which to farm Atlantic salmon.
Whilst visiting the farms and harvesting operation, the Sealanes delegates were continuously provided with information by a number of very passionate and knowledgeable Huon employees on the day to day operation and tasks carried out by the almost 250 staff that work at the site.
Sealanes Food Service Sales Manager Dean Zlendic: “It certainly gives you a much greater appreciation of the great amount of time and money which is invested to ensure the quality of the end product remains at a high standard”.
Prior to heading off to the hatchery the touring party was treated to a delicious salmon lunch and the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Peter Bender founder, owner and director of Huon Aquaculture.

Next stop was the Huon hatchery, where it all begins. The Lonnavale re-circulation hatchery is one of the most advanced in the world. The hatchery staff care for the salmon from the moment the eggs are hand-milked from the brood fish, through hatching, to alevins, to fry, to parr and then to smolt, when the fish are ready to go to sea.
The following day began at 5am as the drive from Hobart to the Parramatta Creek processing facility was expected to take approximately 3 hours. Parramatta Creek is ideally located as it is only a 20 minute drive from Devenport which is the Huon salmon’s final destination before being shipped to Melbourne and then beyond either to the rest of Australia or overseas.
The tour of the processing facility further emphasised the technological advancements the company has implemented into its operation in a very short space of time and further highlighted its undivided commitment and passion to a high quality product.
All good things must come to an end, so the early afternoon drive to Launceston airport to catch the flight home was an opportunity to discuss and absorb the informative and thoroughly enjoyable visit.

A big thank you to Richard Konings Huon WA Sales Representative for looking after the Sealanes team during the tour and to all the wonderful, passionate and highly knowledgeable Huon staff for their wonderful hospitality.

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