Palmyra Warehouse


In 2008 Sealanes has relocated its warehouse to Palmyra, Western Australia. This relocation allowed us to increase our range of products in addition to the 8,000 stock lines we currently carry.

This new warehouse is four times the capacity of our previous facility and uses the latest technology to pick, pack and track items through our system to ensure a smooth process to arrive at the end user.

Sealanes is now positioned as the premier foodservice, seafood distribution and ships supply company in Western Australia. Our premises is fully compliant with food safety handling procedures to ensure all products are correctly stored and delivered at the right temperature. Customers can rest assured that their orders will arrive exactly as ordered in time and fresh – just as you would expect from a premier food supplier.

If you have any special product requirements, please speak to one of your friendly sales representatives. At Sealanes, we pride ourselves on superior customer service. Service has been at the heart of our business for over 86 years.