Sealanes joins with BHP and Foodbank

April 10, 2015

The following article appeared in the Sunday Times.

New refrigerated trucks will allow a WA food delivery charity to reach about 51,000 disadvantaged West Australians each month from Perth to Albany.

Foodbank WA has received $558,000 from BHP Billiton for five new refrigerated trucks, which will help the charity expand its service.

Foodbank WA general manager of operations Colin Woodward said the fleet would allow the organisation to collect and transport fresh and frozen produce that otherwise would go to landfill.

“The trucks keep produce fresh as it is transported long distances between farms and donors in country towns to our Perth warehouse, meaning we now have the ability to supply a greater volume of fresh fruit and vegetables to boost qualities and variety.” Mr Woodward said.

Foodbank WA predicts the trucks will travel more than 110,000km between Perth and the Peel, Bunbury and Albany regions, moving more than 3.5 million kilograms of produce this year.

Sealanes Joins with BHP & Foodbank Scan

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