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Superior Food Group is committed to the highest levels of ethics and integrity in the way that we do business, ensuring corporate compliance, and promoting an ethical corporate culture by observing the highest standards of fair dealing, honesty, and integrity in our business activities. We understand that this is crucial to our continued success and reputation and that we all have a professional responsibility to speak up and report unethical or illegal behaviour.

We make clear to all our employees what is expected of them – and we lead by example. if you believe in good faith and have reasonable grounds to believe that any conduct constitutes a serious matter such as breach of laws, regulations, or our 'Business Code of Conduct and Ethics', you can report this. This includes alleged corrupt, illegal, or other undesirable conduct which may inflict financial losses on us, damage our reputation, or have similar such negative effects. You can inform us through the report form on this page. This report form may be used for whistleblowing.

Before submitting your complaint here, we encourage you to consider whether you can directly raise your concern with someone at Superior Food Group directly to resolve the issue. Normally, the preferred option would be for you to talk with your manager or your HR team member first. If you feel that you cannot talk with anyone in management or HR, you may report your concerns with the link below. You can submit a report anonymously if you wish. You can choose to submit your report on an anonymous basis by indicating your preference while filling in the form and your contact details will not be requested.

Note: There may be legal consequences and your disclosure can be classed as a criminal offence under the Corporations Act if you intentionally give false or misleading information intending that it be acted upon as an eligible disclosure. You also have obligations to preserve confidentiality and not to discuss the disclosure with work colleagues or other unauthorized persons.